Wholesale & Dropshipping


Believes sells to several selected stores around Europe, Do you want to sell our items, just register with us here:       (or use the reseller log in button on top of our website)

After registering, your account will be enabled within 24 hours, The wholesale section is a protected online catalog where you have direct access to our one of a kind items and you will be able to order directly.The Unique thing about Believes Bags are beside the unique one of a kind Bags, the unique way for boutiques to buy our bags.

Our goal is to provide independant boutiques unique items and the possibility to buy items the whole year through, without pre-ordering many months ahead and without any minimum order, the only thing we ask concerning your first order that the order has to contain a minimum of 3 pieces, after that first order you can order want ever you want.

So if for instance you sell one of the bags and you want another one, just log in and order another one, we try to ship the same day.