Our Story


Our Story begins when Brigitte got her inspiration during her traveling in the far East, she came across all these colors and beautifully hand embroidered, often old fabrics, that gave her an idea to make handbag designs of these beautiful fabrics mixed with high quality leathers and many handcrafted details. she started with 10 prototypes and the results were astonishing, every bag was an unique one of a kind bag.

With 6 of these bags she went to a fashion show to find out if there were people who were interesting to sell her bags and she immediately attracted a lot of attention because her bags were so "different" than others. that first time was an immediate succes and after this premiere other fashion shows followed and Believes Bags were sold in stores in different countries ever since.

Every bag is hand-crafted with a lot of love and attention, we only use the best leathers/suede, the bags are either one of a kind or of a limited edtion. Believes bags are very recognisable because of all the characteristic handcrafted details, that means hand made stitches, punched leathers, hand paited details. in the mean time the collection has been expanded with some boots and shoes.

Believes bags are beiing sold in different selected stores in Europe, in our Ibiza shop and Online! once you bought a believes bag you will notice that this is not just an ordinairy bag, this is something special, a one of a kind bag for a one of a kind woman.

All our bags are being delivered with a special protection bag to store your one of a kind bag when not using.

We hope you like our collection!!

In our online store we try to ship the same day, we offer Free Shipping and if you are not satisfied, you can send back the item and we will refund your money.