Do you want to ask something?

Please, try to find your answer in this list, if your question is not available in the list, please feel free to send your question to, we will try to answer your question as soon as possible.


Can I find your articles somewhere “live” beside on this webshop?

Yes, it is possible, we have beside this webshop also a store in Ibiza and the articles are available in carefully selected stores around Europe, mail us for addresses nearby you!!


 I have a store, will it be possible to sell your bags?

Yes, you might be, it depends, the thing is, we want to keep exclusivity for you and for our other customers, so your location will count, there is on the website a reseller section where you can find a protected online catalog. you will need a login code to enter which we will provide.



I received the article but I don’t like it, can I send it back?

Yes, of course you can, you have a consideration time of 7 days after receiving, when you unpack your article, you will see some easily to remove seals on the outside, leave those on the article when you still deciding, when you decide to keep the article, just remove the seals, once removed, we don’t accept returns.


 Can I change the bag I ordered?

Yes you can, but please check on the website, the return policy section.


 Are the bags water resistant?

Well, you always have to be careful with fluids, because our bags are made out of leather and water always make stains, we have however, treated the bags with a dirt/water/repellent spray which we recommend to repeat this once a while to keep your bag in perfect shape.


 You often mention” one of a kind”  in your article descriptions, what do you mean by that?

it means what it says, because our products are handcrafted and the usage of rare materials it can occur that there is no second identical article available.